Conference rooms booking


Due to the exclusion of the BUW Old Building from didactic use from the academic year 2021/2022, all reservations for additional events in buildings and rooms from the general university pool are suspended until further notice.




Working hours
Monday – Friday: from 8 am to 4 pm

Natalia Furman, M.A.

Mateusz Matyjasek, M.A.



Application deadline:

3 WORKING DAYS – meeting for max. 50 participants
2 WEEKS – meeting for over 50 participants

  1. The decision (approval) is issued maximum one week after filing application form.
  2. Only the official approval confirms the booking of lecture room. Please do not print invitations or posters before the approval is made.
  3. For University of Warsaw units and external units (companies, ministries, foundations, research centres) the signature and stamp of the person in charge is required.
  4. For academic societies and student/doctoral governments at the faculties, the signature and stamp of the person in charge is required (the Dean, the Vice Dean or the head of the unit).
  5. For Student/Doctoral Associations (Organizations) – registered outside UW, approved by UW’s authorities to act at University of Warsaw – the signature and stamp of the Member of the Board is required (Board of Student’s Union, Niezalezne Zrzeszenie Studentów).


ATTENTION!!! New form template. The document is valid during the epidemiological period (Covid-19):

Application form [pdf]

Application form [docx]



AUDITORIUM MAXIMUM (26/28 Krakowskie Przedmiescie street)

  • Aula Mickiewicz with gallery – 838 seats (1-2 interpreter booths to book) [view]
  • Aula Mickiewicz without gallery – 559 seats [view]
  • lecture room A – 168 seats [view]
  • lecture room B – 182 seats [view]
  • lecture room C – 179 seats [view]
  • lecture room D – 184 seats [view]

OLD LIBRARY BUILDING (26/28 Krakowskie Przedmiescie street)

  • Aula Hall – 376 seats (1-2 interpreter booths to book) [view]
  • Main Hall and side halls – 250 standing places [view]
  • lecture room 107 – 72 seats [view]
  • lecture room 207 – 72 seats [view]
  • lecture room 211 – 51 seats [view]
  • lecture room 212 – 50 seats [view]
  • lecture room 213 – 42 seats [view]
  • lecture room 214 – 40 seats [view]
  • lecture room 215 – 46 seats [view]
  • lecture room 216 – 60 seats [view]
  • lecture room 308 – 60 seats [view]

KAZIMIERZOWSKI PALACE (26/28 Krakowskie Przedmiescie street)

  • Brudzinski’s Room – 100 seats [view]



Booking rooms in buildings: Old Library Building and Auditorium Maximum, for a given academic year, begins a week before the start of each semester (Monday preceding the semester)!


Main Campus MAP [map]



  1. Maintenance Office – booking of lecture rooms (price list) more
  2. IT Networks Unit – gaining WIFI service for conference more
  3. Audiovisual Techniques Section – additional audiovisual equipment more
  4. Section for Facilities Protection  – pass/permits, guards more
  5. HSF Inspectorate – opinion of the Inspektorat needed in case of events for at least 50 people – more